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Boost Your Organization’s Visibility, Engagement, Credibility, and Fund-Raising Success

Running a nonprofit organization is rewarding but tough. It’s a constant quest to gain attention; capture mindshare; establish credibility; engage people; and ultimately convince them to open their hearts — and wallets — and donate. I can help your organization achieve all this and more, with strategic communications services that move the needle and help it more effectively speak out, reach out, and stand out.

Communicating your story in the most compelling way possible, I can make your message resonate, and thereby deliver greater visibility, increased credibility, and improved public recognition.

The result: One nonprofit watched its fund-raising double over three years, while grants from major foundations increased from less than 5 percent of revenue to 33 percent, thanks to a series of high-visibility op-eds and media pitches I produced that positioned the organization as a leader in its space. Another raised an incremental $20,000 and attracted inquiries from potential new partners following an op-ed I wrote that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

I can raise your organization’s visibility, too, and win similar outcomes. Everyone has a story to tell — I’ll make sure you tell yours succinctly, persuasively, effectively. Let’s start a conversation — contact me.


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My Services



My name is Mark Frankel and I bring decades of professional writing experience to the job. Beginning my career as a freelance journalist, I eventually went to work for national and international magazines, including Newsweek, Adweek, and BusinessWeek, as a writer and editor, producing hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles over the years. Later, I transitioned into marketing and corporate communications for MasterCard Worldwide.

But a journalistic rigor still shapes my approach to communications: What's the news? What’s the larger significance? Where's the evidence to back it up? And most importantly, Why should people care?

A versatile and skilled writer, editor, and storyteller, with a knack for communicating the big picture, I work in numerous formats across multiple platforms, including:

  • Ghostwriting

  • Op-ed commentaries and advocacy pieces

  • Web content

  • News and feature articles

  • Press releases

  • Talking points

  • Speeches

  • White papers

  • Annual reports

  • Marketing collateral

  • Video scripts

  • Social media

  • Media strategy and placement

My Rules

There are a few principles that guide me:

  1. Make the finished product as smart as possible

  2. Take the work seriously, but ...

  3. ...Keep a sense of humor

  4. Under-promise and over-deliver

  5. Always expect the Spanish Inquisition

There's A Word for That   Hastings-on-Hudson, New York


Client Testimonials

Mark has excellent communication, writing, and story-telling skills but his talents go beyond that. He has a knack for framing issues in a larger context and for devising editorial strategies that will reach the broadest audience. With his encouragement and editorial input, we responded to the Flint, Michigan-water crisis and produced an op-ed article that placed that and other recent events in context. Not only did he drive the editorial process, but Mark successfully pitched the finished story to The New York Times op-ed page. Such a placement was a major breakthrough and achievement for a small, relatively unknown organization. I couldn’t have done it without Mark’s initiative, insight, and generous help.
— George McGraw, Executive Director, DigDeep
I have known Mark for about 15 years. He brings a wealth of experience and savvy to what he does and anticipates what you want and gets it done. He is a gifted wordsmith, able to describe complicated subjects in accessible language without losing nuance or accuracy. This is a rare skill these days.
— Todd Brewster, Author and Journalist
Mark was the impetus behind my article on Web 2.0, published in Baseline. He not only diligently edited my piece, he was the reason I wrote it in the first place. He saw the value in the topic and the relevance of the timing. His foresight was key to the whole endeavor. He demonstrated remarkable patience, dexterity, skill, strategy and persistence throughout the process — I would seek him out if I ever had a need to write another article.
— Frank Faeth, former MasterCard executive


Writing Samples

Click to see a few samples of my work and media outreach:


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There's A Word for That   Hastings-on-Hudson, New York